Service providers

EZ-Commerce has cooperation agreements with a wide range of leading e-commerce service providers.
From photography, testing, consolidation of samples, freight and more.
Part of the cooperation includes a commitment to the most competitive price on the market and to the highest service standard of the day.

The following are our service providers:


My name is Ran Hillel and I am a photographer and owner of a studio specializing in product photography.
Have vast experience in photographing products for online merchants and among others, I photograph advertising for large companies, such as Coca-Cola, James Richardson, Bezeq, wineries, cosmetics companies, etc.

To you, Amazon Click members, I can give a fair price and of course unique pictures with out-of-the-box thinking, differentiating your products from your competitors and maximize your exposure.
Below is a link to my portfolio



I would be happy to hear from You
Thanks in advance
Ran Hillel


Yael Kabili, owner of law firm Kabili & Co., is Israel's leading lawyer in the E-Commerce field.
Yael holds a MA from Columbia University in NY and holds an American license to practice law.
Yael has 13 years of experience in the field of intellectual property, assists hundreds of Amazon dealers, in Israel and around the world, in the following services:

• Returning blocked and suspended accounts
• Patent consulting
• Trademark registration
• Registration of samples and copyrights
• Protecting brand and removing "Hijackers"
• Writing contracts related to e-commerce
Website: www.e-cabilly.com
Email: yael@e-cabilly.com


Ship My Deal was established in 2014. The company provides service to consumers interested in purchasing on various sites that do not ship to the destination country and delivers globally and mainly to Israel. At the end of 2016, Ship my Deal expanded its services to Amazon, who are interested in Fulfillment services such as Amazon FBM, outside of Amazon (eBay, Shopipi, Etsey ...), and Vendor Express. Merchants seeking intermediate warehouse services, storage services, barcoding, inspection, US address, American phone and more ...
Amazon's members enjoy a special price list that includes discounts up to 50% of the price list!


Eyal Raz & Co. certified public accountants specialize in providing professional quality accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses, companies and self-employed. The firm specializes in accompanying entrepreneurs and investors in opening a business
while providing solutions on all
professional issues at the time of its establishment.
The firm has developed the innovative method - "SmartBiz” which gives the firm's clients all the necessary financial information for their decision-making on an ongoing basis.
Our firm specializes in Internet trading, and currently serves more than 500 customers in the field, self-employed, partnerships, Israeli and American companies.
These businesses are trading on EBay, Amazon etc. or on
independent sites on different platforms such as Shopifi and wix on a dropshipping model, arbitrage or private label. In addition, our office represents an American accounting firm and together with our NY office we provide a full service envelope for  setting up an American company, opening a bank account, bookkeeping and annual reports in Israel and the US.
Eyal Raz - Accountant

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Click food in collaboration with the Inspection company
BD Inspection
Community members get a variety of services at special prices:
Product inspection service - QC - at the factory with high quality reports.
Direct contact in case of problems with our support if necessary.

OffLine Checking Service - Performs a test by your supplier with a telephone call to the plant and inspection in various Chinese reservoirs. Service is done from China.
OnSite Service - Company representatives will visit the plant and submit a report on the scope of its operations, authenticity, number of employees, various licenses and more.
Special prices for EZ-Commerce members.
But ... and especially ... Quality and reliability.
The contact person for members of the community is the international marketing manager. His name is ELSON in the following e-mail:
* Please note that you have reached Amazon via EZ-Commerce / Dvir Cohen for the Group's assumption.

Nookie - Combining samples and finding suppliers.

Consolidate samples

Printing factory in China

Click Food in conjunction with YUHPRINT printing company offer you merchants printing services in China.
I want to introduce you to a girl named Jenny.
We all work with the Chinese. But it took us a long time to work with Jenny and understand she is a rare landscape.
Service at a level you have never seen. Real!
For anyone who needs printing, covers, books, flyers and more
These are the cheapest prices.
Contact details:
To receive the bonus please mention DVIR.

Virtual recruitment service from abroad

Additional cooperation for EZ-Commerce community for online virtual recruitment service for businesses offered by our eCommerce customers. Employees at attractive prices, professional and knowledgeable, including support and service along the way.

With the help of employees, you can delegate authority, automate your business, engage in business development, save valuable time and increase profits.
EZ-Commerce users get 10% off the cost of employees. So say that Dvir sent you :)

Company Website:


New customer registration link:





Idan Shelly

Liran Miron - 0546700472

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