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Lets PPC – Amazon PPC Seminar


PPC is one of the biggest and important subjects in the world of Amazon. In a platform of 400 million a month if your brand doesn’t have exposure, people won't see you. And if they won’t see you, they can’t buy from you. PPC is one of the most painful ROI for sellers. Seeking for the right strategy, planning and maintaining a long term PPC was always one of the sellers most quest. In this 4 hrs seminar, we will show you a step by step strategy that we do for hundreds of our customers. We will see what to do, when and what not to do.

We Will Learn

  • The most PPC updates of Amazon 2020

  • PPC Strategy for be the master of your domain.

  • PPC common sellers mistakes

  • The A9 and PPC

  • Don’t mess with the bid
    And more…

    **This seminar is for people with understand and basic experience with Amazon PPC.


4 Hours

About Dvir

Dvir Cohen, One of ez-commerce CEOs, started his journey with a computer science degree from Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva. After being a computer geek as a kid and working in a few hi-tech companies, he wrote a few Kindle Amazon e-books and learned the power of e-commerce.

Dvir developed his own private label brands, which sell in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia. With a lot of experience in the computer world and a great and unique perspective on “customer behavior”,  his thinking-out-of-the-box can be shown on his unique products and ez-commerce clients' products.

About Us

With years of experience working with industry brands, ez-commerce offers companies and organizations a variety of consulting and guidance paths that include research steps, characterization of their products and brands, identifying the right e-commerce platform, and strategy planning.

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