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Amazon for Beginners


Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform.
Around 400 Million people enter this platform in order to buy. With more than 150 million Prime members this platform is the easiest step in the door e-commerce platform.

In this seminar, we will show you how you can enter this platform in order to sell and what the options there are. From Private label to Merch , Kindle and more.

This seminar is for people with no experience at all in the Amazon platform.


2 Hours

About Dvir

Dvir Cohen, One of ez-commerce CEOs, started his journey with a computer science degree from Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva. After being a computer geek as a kid and working in a few hi-tech companies, he wrote a few Kindle Amazon e-books and learned the power of e-commerce.

Dvir developed his own private label brands, which sell in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia. With a lot of experience in the computer world and a great and unique perspective on “customer behavior”,  his thinking-out-of-the-box can be shown on his unique products and ez-commerce clients' products.

About Us

With years of experience working with industry brands, ez-commerce offers companies and organizations a variety of consulting and guidance paths that include research steps, characterization of their products and brands, identifying the right e-commerce platform, and strategy planning.

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