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God Created the World - We Made It Flat.

We do e-commerce; we build brands.


Private label / Amazon

Ez-commerce specializes in creating private labels for individuals and companies. Our customers can be found on Amazon US, Europe, Japan , Brazil, India, and UAE websites.


Business Consulting

With years of experience working with industry brands, ez-commerce offers companies and organizations a variety of consulting and guidance paths that include research steps, characterization of their products and brands, identifying the right ecommerce platform, and strategy planning.

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Store / Brand Management

As a leading company in creating brands and promoting them, ez-commerce has years of experience in-store and e-commerce platform management. This includes SEO, optimization, content integration, and other aspects of e-commerce brands.



Ez-commerce CEO Dvir Cohen is a keynote speaker at conferences in Israel and around the world. His lecture, "I Just Want to Be a Superhero," is unique, showing the power of e-commerce.
Ez-commerce lectures to groups, companies, and organizations on Amazon, about e-commerce, building funnels, and how to build e-commerce strategy.

Why work with ez-commerce?


Years of Experience

ez-commerce CEOs have more than 15 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Dvir has written more than 130 e-books and owns 80 PL products which sell around the world.


Leading Brands

ez-commerce manages and consults the biggest brands in Israel and around the world.

ez-commerce has developed an internal system for building and launching brands.


Local and International Speaker

ez-commerce CEO Dvir Cohen is a well-known person in the Israeli media in television, radio, and newspaper. Dvir also lectures around the world.


Global Management

ez-commerce handles brands on multiple platforms around the world. From Amazon, Walmart, Cosco, JET, Allegro, Cdiscount, and other world platforms, we establish your brand engagement with your customers around the world. 

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